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Human Resources 
Available from BB Benefit Group

At BB Benefit Group, we do more than place your insurance coverage—we’re committed to providing you with the best services and resources to support your business. We have a suite of solutions to provide additional value for our clients:

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Employer Education Resources

From legislative briefs on the latest developments to HR guidance to plan design education, we have access to hundreds of resources written by a team of experienced attorneys.

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Employee Communications

We provide a wide range of employee deliverables, from monthly newsletters to wellness program materials to benefits communications and much more.

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Resource Portal

In addition to accessing these resources on-demand in a central location, this resource portal also offers benchmark surveys, an online forum to connect to other industry professionals and more.

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Health Claims Analytics

To help you get the most value for your benefits plan, we use a claims analytics tool that helps us identify utilization problems to target strategic, cost-saving solutions for your health plan.

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Employee Portal 

We know your HR department is overwhelmed. With our online HR portal, you can house all company, benefits and HR information for employees to access conveniently in a central location, plus administer vacation tracking and benefits enrollment easily online.

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