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What We Offer

Covering the Trades With Cost Effective Employee and Group
Insurance Solutions


BB Benefit Group has experience working with businesses in the trades to help them select group and employee insurance benefit plan options to cover their needs, protect their business interests, and position them as employers of choice.

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Employee Benefit Platform Technologies

Wealth Management/
End of Life Planning

  • PlanSource

  • Employee Navigator

  • Ease

  • Creative life insurance solutions including:

    • IUL

    • Kaizen

    • Whole

    • Term

  • Long Term Care solutions including:

    • Traditional

    • Life hybrid

    • Annuity based

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Group Insurance Benefits

  • Fully Insured Health Plans

  • Level Funded Health Plans

  • Captive/Self-Funded Solutions

  • Dental/Vision/Disability

  • Employee Enrollment/HR Platforms



  • Business Succession Planning

  • Golden Handcuff/Key Man Life Plans Design

  • Long-Term Care


Employee Benefits and Insurance Options You Can Understand

When you’re looking for benefits for your employees, you—and your employees—want to cut through the jargon and typical confusing benefit language to get to the point. You, and they, want to understand what they’re getting, what it costs, and how to make the best decisions for your company, your employees, and their families.

That’s where we come in.

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Employee Benefit Solutions

BB Benefit Group cuts through the complexity to help small businesses find the right employee insurance coverage information for them. Whether you’re looking for group benefits or individual benefits, we can help you select the right benefit plan options to meet your needs cost effectively.


Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Benefits are a big part of what employees are looking for when they accept a job. Benefits are also a big part of what keeps employees on board. Small businesses are being impacted the Great Resignation and challenged to manage turnover as they compete with larger employers. Employees want affordable healthcare options, coverage for life’s unexpected events, and the security of planning for their financial futures.


Serving Trade Organizations

We specialize in serving trade organizations employing carpenters, welders, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, and other tradespeople. We know their needs and we have the solutions to help protect them and their families while providing peace of mind and budget-friendly insurance coverage options.

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