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Protecting the Working Class

Employee Benefits and Insurance Options You Can Understand

As a leading Insurance Agency, we are committed to finding the best insurance options for you. Our expert staff has the knowledge to handle everything from the most simple policy to the most complicated package. 


What We Do

BB Benefit Group cuts through the complexity to help small businesses find the right employee insurance coverage information for them.


Employee Benefits Solutions

Whether you’re looking for group benefits or individual benefits, we can help you select the right benefit plan options to meet your needs cost effectively.

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent


Benefits are a big part of what employees are looking for when they accept a job. Benefits are also a big part of what keeps employees on board.

Serving the Trades

We specialize in serving trade organizations employing carpenters, welders, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, and other tradespeople.



Brianna is wonderful to work with; when an issue arises, Brianna is easy to reach and she gets on the problem right away. We have an excellent partnership with her, and she makes our day to day lives easier when dealing with employee questions, insurance concerns, claims, or any random question we may have throughout the day.

Megan Fahy, Knobelsdorff Enterprises - HR Coordinator

River Health is a total game changer.  I pay $50/mo. and I get unlimited virtual doctor visits, 3 in-person visits and access to their huge network of health care professionals. I have the ability to directly message my primary care doctor (she ACTUALLY responds quickly and is very attentive).  All the meds that I need are completely affordable and can be sent to me.  It easily saves me over $600.00 a month on medical bills.  It's the perfect supplemental coverage for me.

Mattea Tapelt, Individual that uses River Health to supplement her health plan

Brianna provides a much higher level of customer service than I was getting with my former agent. She is very knowledgeable about various types of insurance benefits we can provide to our employees, and continually strives to make sure we are getting the best options at the best price.

Carrie Klatt, Subway - Business Manager

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